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How to solve small faults in the use of chain sprocket

Reading volume:3 发表时间:2021/1/5 9:21:34

        The sprocket chain is always indispensable for large and small faults in use. More serious faults need to be dealt with by specialized repair personnel. If there is a break or serious wear, it needs to be replaced in time.But for some glitches.Maybe as long as we make adjustments ourselves, we can solve it.Let's see if these solutions are what you need?

1. If the chain sprocket is not properly matched, there will be phenomena such as chain skipping, tooth skipping, and tooth gnawing.

  Solution: It may be that the chain is worn and the pitch is extended.In this situation, there is no good way. It is wise to replace the chain and sprocket in time to stop the loss in time.

2. The front chain of the chain sprocket has a jitter problem

  Solution: The reason for this problem is mostly because the chain is too loose, the load is too large, or one or more chain links are not flexible.If this is the case, you can install a chain tensioner or adjust the middle distance, and then reduce the load.It should be able to solve this problem.

3. Loud noise when the chain is running

  Solution: The sprocket wheels are not coplanar; the chain tension is too large or too small; the lubrication is insufficient; the chain and the sprocket are worn out; or the excessively large chain pitch is the main cause of excessive noise.If you want to solve the noise problem, you need to check the parallelism of the front and rear axles and the coplanarity of the sprocket to correct it.Adjust the middle distance and tensioning device to make it have proper tightness and ensure lubrication to the workpiece.

4. Chain tension

Tension is the interactive pulling force that exists on either side of any cross-section of the object being pulled.

  Solution: The tension of the chain is related to the drooping distance of the loose edge of the chain.For horizontal and inclined transmissions with adjustable middle distance, the sag of the loose edge of the chain should be 2% of the middle distance.The middle line is vertically driven or subjected to vibration load, and the reverse transmission should make the chain more tensioned.


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