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What should be paid attention to when processing sprocket sockets with CNC machining methods?

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        There are many processes for sprocket and chain socket using CNC machining. The actual machining verification of the construction engineering proves that this method is feasible and the machining effect and quality fully meet the requirements of the design drawings.

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In the implementation of this method, you need to pay attention to:

1. The processing parts must be XNUMXD solid modeling according to the design drawings. The XNUMXD modeling of the chain socket needs to be based on a full understanding of the designer's design ideas;

2. The machining process should be divided into rough machining and finishing. The machining efficiency should be improved as much as possible during rough machining. The surface quality should be guaranteed during finishing and the tolerance requirements of each surface should be paid attention to.

3. The tool trajectory generated after CNC programming must undergo three-dimensional solid processing simulation, and if possible, it should be subjected to three-dimensional solid processing simulation of machine tools to find errors and deficiencies in the CNC programming process, and further improve it to shorten the production cycle of the workpiece.

4. According to the control system of the machine tool, post-processing development must be carried out to produce the correct machine tool processing program

5. According to the material of the workpiece, the state after heat treatment, the processing method, etc., select the processing tool reasonably.

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