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Gear processing technology introduction

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Gear processing technology introduction

The profiling method is a commonly used method in gear processing at present.This cutting method includes milling and broaching, etc. The following is a detailed introduction to the sprocket profile cutting tooth profile processing technology.

1. Put the machined sprocket on the scale plate first, and the sprocket is fixed by the pressure plate and bolts on the mandrel.The ring gear surface must be flat.

2. At any position on the machined gear ring, the cutting depth of the template tooth profile is less than the designed tooth profile 4-5mm, and then use a square to measure the perpendicularity of the tooth surface.

3. Measure the distance H between the depth of the cut tooth profile and the edge of the machined shaft hole.

4. Machining depth B is also required for calculation. B=Measurement size-the distance between the edge of the shaft hole and the edge of the index circle diameter.

5. Adjust the size of the connecting rod of the cutting machine, that is, extend a deepening amount on the basis of the original size, and then cut according to the model after adjustment.

6. After cutting a tooth, use an index plate to index.After cutting three teeth, measure the co-location distance across the teeth on the same side. After cutting the fourth tooth, move one tooth on the same side and measure the co-location by the same method, and so on.

7. If the size difference is large or the width of the tooth tip is large by measuring, the wider one can be cut to prevent the excess part from being cut and welded on the other tooth surface for trimming.

8. The cut tooth surface is polished with a hand wheel and then surface quenched.

9. Carry out other processing.

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