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Gear processing route and improvement method

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As a basic transmission element, automobile gears will directly affect the sound, stability and service life of the automobile during operation.Therefore, the quality requirements for automobile gears are getting higher and higher.Therefore, in order to meet the quality, noise and other requirements of the time gear and improve production efficiency, it is necessary to improve the processing technology of the gear.What is the specific method?

Gear machining process route: blanking, forging into gear blanks, normalizing, rough turning outer circle inner hole and end face, quenching and tempering heat treatment, finishing outer circle inner hole and end face, tooth making, tooth induction heating surface quenching or Carburizing and quenching, tooth surface grinding processing, and acceptance.

Improved method of gear processing:

1. Forging blank: Hot die forging is the forging process of gear blanks for windowsills.Because the cross wedge rolling technology has the characteristics of high precision, small follow-up machining allowance and high production efficiency, this technology has been widely used in the more complex stepped shaft billet.

2. Normalizing: After the blank forging, in order to refine the grains and distribute the carbides evenly, remove the internal stress, etc., a normalizing or annealing process is required.Since the normalizing cooling rate is faster than the annealing rate, and the mechanical properties can be better improved, the normalizing method is adopted to operate.

3. Rough turning processing: during rough turning, a general lathe is used to roughly process the outer circle and cross section of the gear.Since the blank after rough turning needs to be heat treated, a margin of 3-5mm should be reserved during processing to facilitate subsequent finishing turning.

4. Quenched and tempered heat treatment: Due to the different working conditions of the gears, the surface hardness after heat treatment will also be different. However, some gears are subjected to frequent impacts and larger forces. In order to improve their wear resistance and fatigue resistance, Need to be controlled by quenching and tempering heat treatment.

5. Finish turning processing: When finishing turning, the gears are processed to the required size according to the requirements and regulations of the drawings.If there is a higher level of grinding later, a margin of 0.2-0.3mm should be reserved.

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6. Gear making: In order to facilitate adjustment and maintenance, gear making machines are generally used to make gears or gear hobbing machines, but this method is less efficient in mass production.With the development of coating technology, re-coating after sharpening hobs and inserts will be more convenient.Coated tools can also better improve the service life, reduce the number of replacements and the time of sharpening, and improve the processing efficiency.

7. Tooth surface grinding: In order to make the quality of gears meet the requirements of high quality and low noise, gears need to be processed more accurately. For mass production, tooth surface grinding is a more suitable method.It is usually used for tooth surface machining after quenching. This method can correct the errors in the pre-grinding process and achieve more accurate accuracy of the tooth surface.

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