Daewoo Kato HD250 HD700 HD1250 Excavator Front Idler Wheel for Undercarriage Track

Kato excavator HD700 HD1250 undercarriage parts manual idler wheel to mend

Excavator idler also names track idler,tensioner loafer,recoil spring loafer,
Some Cat dozer idler has rear and entrance idler,these kinds of as D6H,D6T,D6R,D8N,D8T,D9N,D9T and so on.
We have idlers of wheel rim casting metal and welding sort, wheel rim grinding ring welding type and wheel entire body casting kind. The wheel body is made by higher precision alloy steel and use appropriate heat remedy to make positive the hardness on the area and suitable hardness layer. This helps make the idler can work in different negative situation. Higher top quality shaft, bushing, floating sealing technique and oil increase lubrication effect and minimize friction. Sliding-kind leg design reduce get in touch with force and dress in&tear, and avert influence.

     HangCZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Limited
Solution Name Kato excavator and dozer undercarriage spare components observe loafer
Production CZPT OEM
Material 40SiMnTi
Complete Clean
Painting Color Black or yellow
Method Forging & casting
Floor Hardness HRC52-fifty eight, Depth:8mm-12mm
Top quality Assure 6 months–A single Year
Certification CZPT-9002
Shipping Time Within ten–twenty days after progress payment acquire
Package deal Fumigate seaworthy packing and Export CZPT Package deal
Payment Term TT, L/C, Paypal, Western union,D/P
Business Scope excavator and dozer undercarriage areas, G.E.T, CZPT spare areas,underground have interaction tools, and so forth


Our excavator and dozer monitor idler wheel advantage(Why Pick our undercarriage components)
1.Quench-tempering processes to ensure authentic mechanical homes
2. Large hardness :HRC52-fifty eight,deepth:8mm-12mm 
three. Deep hardened dress in surface 
4. High power and superior dress in resistence to bending and breakage
5.Rigid Good quality Control
six.Specific layout and cautiously manufactured
seven.Certificated by CZPT:2008
eight.Produce as per client’s samples,designs and drawings


Excavator and bulldozer undercarriage observe components variety

Excavator and bulldozer product record

KOMATSU PC30 PC40 PC45 PC60 PC75 PC100 PC120 PC200
EXCAVATOR PC220 PC300 PC350 PC400        
CATERPILLAR E70B E110 E120 E200B E307 E311 E312 E320
EXCAVATOR E322 E325 E300B E330        
KOMATSU D20 D21 D30 D31 D37 D40 D50 D60
BULLDOZER D63 D65 D80 D85 D135 D155 D355 D375
HITACHI EX30 EX40 EX60 EX100 EX120 EX200 EX220 EX300
  EX400 ZAX200 ZX330 ZX350 UH07 UH081 UH083  
DAEWOO DH55 DH200 DH220 DH280 DH300 DH320    
HYUNDAI R55 R110 R130 R150 R200 R210 R250 R290
KEBELCO SK60 SK100 SK120 SK200 SK220 SK300 K904 K907
MITSUBISHI MS110 MS120 MS140 MS180        
KATO HD140 HD250 HD400 HD550 HD700 HD850 HD900 HD1220
SAMSUNG H.I. MX8 SE200 SE210 SE280 MX292 SE350    
SUMITOMO SH70 SH100 SH120 SH160 SH200 SH280 SH300 SH340

CZPT excavator and bulldozer guidebook idler portion number and Berco No.

Portion No. Ref No. Element No. Design Description (kg)
SJI2900 4I7337   E110B,E120B,311,312 Idler Team 90
SJI3000 CR5732 7Y1601,1132907 E200B,EL200B,315,318,320 Idler Group a hundred thirty five
SJI3200 094-1384   E240,E240B, -C Loafer Group 120
SJI3150 4C2084 CR5127 225- six.ninety one”7.fifty”PITCH Loafer Team 160
SJI3420 4E8500 CR5132 235 Loafer Group 270
SJI3100 CR5786 one hundred fifteen-6337 322B Idler Team 132
SJI3300 CR5884 1571155 325 Loafer Group one hundred seventy
SJI3400 CR6087 1571152, 7Y 0571 330 Idler Team 240
SJI3450 CR6597 1156366 345 Idler Team 255
SJI1311 CR6403 1358903 350 Idler Team 270
SJI3650 136-2429   365 Idler Group 525
SJI3750 194-1157 a hundred thirty five-8904 375,385 Loafer Team 590
SJI3500 965713   E300B Idler Group 198
SJI5900 8J6562 2T0048,2154459 615/623 Base Idler Idler Team 77
SJI5901 3G1086 2154458,2T0047 615/623 Middle Idler Loafer Team 40
SJR1001 2T0046 3G7490 615/623 Higher roller Roller Group eighteen
SJI5903 1447321, 8W4731 3G 0571 , 3J4778 631-657 Floor roller Roller Team 21
SJI5902 9J1035   633C,D Base Idler Idler Group eighty
SJI8400 CR3004 9N4173 D3B,C,G/D4B,C,G Loafer Group one hundred ten
SJI8900 CR5420   D5C-D5G Idler Group 175
SJI8700 CR3189WB 7P9017 953 Loafer Group a hundred and eighty
SJI8701 CR3189 7T3501 WS3 D5B W/O BRACKETS Loafer Group considerably less bracket one hundred thirty five
SJI8800 CR4007WB 7P2719 963 Idler Team 195
SJI3600 CR4587 190-1534 D4H (475mm) Idler Team eighty one
SJI3700 CR4585 190-1551 D4H (500mm) Loafer Group ninety
SJI3800 CR4589 190-1546 D5H,D6M Loafer Team 112
SJI7800 CR4094 6L9210 D6D with brackets Idler Group a hundred and seventy
SJI7700 8E4007   D5H, 517 Skidder Loafer Group one hundred sixty
SJI3900 CR4909 151-4587 D6H,D6R (545mm) Idler Team 147
SJI4000 CR4616 6T3216 D6H,D6R (570mm) Loafer Group 159
SJI4100 CR4911 one hundred thirty five-9896, 6Y2031 D7H, D7R (585mm) Idler Group 240
SJI4200 CR4593 192-5716 D7H,D7R (628mm) Idler Group 260
SJI1551 CR4096 6L9212 D8H,K W/ BRACKETS Idler Team 329
SJI4300 CR4531 111-1729 D8N/R/T (620mm)- rear Idler Group three hundred
SJI4301 244-1324   D8N/R/T rear with Landfill guarding Loafer Team 300
SJI4400 CR4530 111-1730 D8N/R/T (698mm)- front Idler Group 350
SJI4401 244-1323   D8N/R/T- entrance with Landfill guarding Loafer Group 350
SJI4500 CR4681 one hundred twenty five-4655 D9N/R/T Idler Team 450
SJI4501 167-1947   D9N/R/T with Landfill guarding Loafer Group 450
SJI7400 one hundred twenty five-3537 9W9734 D10N/R/T Idler Team 590
SJI7500-2 156-571 9W9650 D11N/R/T Loafer Shell Idler Shell 930

CZPT excavator and dozer guidebook loafer wheel portion and Berco number listing

Element No. Ref No. Part No. Product Description (kg)
SJI1400 201-thirty-00012   PC60-five Idler Team 65
SJI1500 203-thirty-00133   PC100-5, a hundred and twenty-five,6 Idler Group eighty
SJI1600 205-thirty-00182 KM1641 PC180-two, 200-three Idler Group one hundred thirty
SJI1700 20Y-thirty-00030 KM1642 PC200-5, 220-five Idler Team one hundred thirty
SJI3101 20Y-thirty-00321 KM3299 PC220-seven,eight, PC228 Idler Group one hundred thirty
SJI1800 207-thirty-00071   PC300-one,two,3 Loafer Team a hundred ninety
SJI1900 207-30-00160 KM2018, KM1927 PC300, 280-three, 300-5 Idler Team 190
SJI2000 208-30-00070   PC400-3 Loafer Team 290
SJI2100 208-thirty-5710 KM1973 PC400-five, PC400 Loafer Group 290
SJI7100 a hundred and one-30-61210X KM571 D20 Idler Group sixty five
SJI3117 113-27-31320 KM0840 D31-seventeen, D30, D37 Loafer Team ninety
SJI9208 128-04-0H92 IN3810 D39 Idler Group one hundred fifty
SJI9207 124-thirty-5712 124-30-5713 D39E,P-21 D41E,P-6 Early S/N Loafer Group 124
SJI9206 124-30-5715 124-30-5716 D41E,P-6 Late S/N Loafer Team a hundred and sixty
SJI9205 134-thirty-5711 KM6100 D61E,P Loafer Group 228
  one hundred forty four-thirty-00038 KM834 D65 Idler Team 210
SJI8300 14X-thirty-00112 KM2107 D65-12, D85SS-2, D85ESS-12 Idler Team 195
SJI1550 17A-thirty-00040 KM836 D155 Idler Group 474
SJI2200 195-30-5713 KM837 D355 Loafer Team 650

1.What HangCZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Constrained offer?
  We mostly offer crawler excavator and dozer undercarriage elements, these kinds of as Keep track of roller, Provider roller, Sprocket, Idler,CZPTil spring assy, Monitor chain, Track shoe, Observe bolt&nut,Keep track of chain guard, Excavator bucket,Bucket tooth&adaptor, Bucket Website link,Slicing Edge and End Bits,Grader blades,increase cylinder,arm cylinder,bucket cylinder,Bucket pin&bush,Slewing CZPT, Long reach boom and arm, and so forth.

two.How to verify the spare elements will match our crawler excavator and dozer?
  Make sure you send us your excavator and dozer design name, element number, Berco variety, or technical drawings and proportions

three.How about the development machinery excavator and dozer undercarriage parts Quality Control?
  We have an superb QC technique, the QC team will inspect every creation procedure,high quality and specification, to be certain best good quality and right dimension, untill offers finished and loaded into container.

4.What is the payment time period?
 TT, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, other payment phrase also can be negotiated.

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Daewoo Kato HD250 HD700 HD1250 Excavator Front Idler Wheel for Undercarriage Track