Excavator Mulching Head Flail Mower

Excavator Mulching head flail mower

one.Description of flial mower
Mulching head is perfect for mowing grass and shredding shrubs and branches  generally up to 40mm DIA , in people tough to get to areas It can be equipped to excavators weighing from one.five to 6 tons with auxiliary hydraulics (hammer), this accessory has a surface of minimize by a hundred cm, weighs about a hundred and fifty/a hundred and sixty kg.
– It has been developed to build Increased torque to reduce velocity deceleration when slicing heavy content.
– Adjustable front hood to fit application if its scrub ‘OPEN UP’ if its hefty woody chopping ‘CLOSED DOWN’
– Bolstered designs for the aspect addresses, angled to decrease drag pressure and deflect larger road blocks usually in places to dense for operator to see, minimizing damage and downtime(also appears good.)
– Front and rear debris deflection has been changed from rubber flaps to chains for enhanced longevity and usefulness.
– Easy fit connections plainly labelled to support people with several device guaranteeing operator connects correctly

Design EM100 EM150
Chopping Width 1000mm 1500mm
Excavator 1.five-3ton 3-6ton
No. of Blade  24pcs-Hamber blade
(or 48pcs”Y”)
28pcs-Hamber blade
(or 56pcs”Y”)
Motor Displacement 25L/min (Inside release) 30L/min (Out launch)
Motor Pace 2200r/min 2200r/min
Functioning Strain 20-25Mpa 20-25Mpa
Packing Dimension 1300x735x470mm 1800x735x470mm
Bodyweight 142/170kg 194/225kg

2.Depth graphic

3.After sale 

we will provide new electrical accessiores or parts in warranty in the course of time.
(a single year warranty period)

four.Company details

Rima is a single of the leading companies in the manufacturing of hydraulic equipments and forest machines, this kind of as flail mower, firewood processor,log splitter, wooden chipper, mini excavator, grapple and so forth. for compact utility tractors. Recognized in 2009, it has created a strong cooperation with CZPT clients by rapid increasing. Thanks to its overall flexibility and interest to the customers’ requests, the firm has designed a wide assortment of merchandise for gardening, farming and forest, even with likelihood of adapting them to the needs of the closing users.


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Excavator Mulching Head Flail Mower