TheEver-power winch pulleySeries snatch prevent is one of today’s most widely used types of blocks. Quickly attached to rigging points for shifting loads over fairly short distances.

Our Ever-power snatch pulley blocks improve the winch pulling electrical power and are needed for any winching task. Snatch blocks are generally used in the lifting and marine industries due to their simple device when extending winch lifting capacities, and so are suitable for deflecting a wire rope with top hook suspension or as shackle suspended – without harmful the rope.
Hoist and Winch’s snatch pulley blocks permit the connection of a looped rope or perhaps cable rather than having to spend quite a long time threading the wire, and in turn it is possible to double the range, doubling the lifting ability of the snatch prevent and winch.
Also known because a winch pulley, diverter pulley, snatch pulley or pulley block.
Our range of pulleys are available with the hook mounting for quick installation of a shackle mounting for a far more permanent install.
We are able to also supply one sheave or twice sheave blocks.
Our range of Ever-power winch pulleySnatch blocks have a hinged aspect plate to ensure that wire roep can be installed quickly and without the need for reeving.
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Ever-electric power features been conceiving and generating a varied line of winches for multiple usages.

Our rescue hoists are recognized on the foreign market for their flexibility, lightness and reliability. Our lightweight and lifting winches are made on the customers’ needs and employed in different fields such as ski lift, construction industrial sectors and for rescue.

Ever-power’s products include particular winches and gadgets that may provide you a secure and trustworthy solution for your particular appliances.

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Development for rescue winches. We organize training for the use and the maintenance of our products.
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Beginning jack and pulley designed for tyrolese. The manufacturer Ever-electricity winch pulleyoffers you to find a variety of rescue winches and complete range of portable lifting devices: pulleys, electrohydraulic product, gripping jaw, cables, reels ..
Amazing Ever-power Winch PulleyFeatures
Why do persons call Ever-ability winch pulley the all-round tool, rather than an commercial tool? Ever-electric power winch pulleycan function in any 360 degree rotating course and will move along a fixed wire, being the initially on the globe to do so. These are the world-first capabilities by the progressive gearing and pulley devices (patented). Our new pulley theory overcomes restrictions of brake and friction forces, which happen to be the main causes of wire slippage in standard pulley systems.
Furthermore, the features such as for example its light weight, compactness, simple composition, affordability, convenience and multi-efficiency broaden its product idea from a bit of professional equipment to a helpful tool as portable as a screw driver or side drill. Consequently, the Ever-power, Version CSW-3060, can be used by anyone, in almost any situation.
Automatic Brake System
No additional brake system is needed because Ever-ability winch pulley itself is equipped with a perfect integrated back lash brake. This feature fundamentally eliminates brake problems, which is the most crucial shortcoming of conventional materials handling gear. When there is a difficulty while lifting load, it is safe even when the motor can be separated from the primary body for repair, because Ever-vitality winch pulleyitself includes a excellent brake function. The included brake inhibits rotation of the electric motor which will rotate actually when the energy is off.
Speed Reducer
High ratio, small and light (1 tooth differential band type planetary gear reducer). Integrated computerized brake (swiftness reducer itself functions as a rear lash brake).
Our Unique Pulley
Ever-electric power winch pulleyis armed with a new technology which overcomes the limitations of frictional forces and brake capacities of conventional V-belt pulley devices and wedgy technology. The new pulley theory enables perfect power transmitting and brake capabilities without any additional brake part or locker by moving the cable rope through the pulley. And the brand new theory allows for Ever-electrical power winch pulleyto work well at any range and under any circumstance (vertical/horizontal/slant). Furthermore, Ever-electrical power winch pulleyitself can maneuver along a fixed wire or cable.
Brake Test for Ever-power
(Lifting Ability: 500kg)
Total Load Analyzed: 2,000Kg (400% heavier than maximum capacity)
It took 1 minute until total load reached 2 tons from 0 ton. Total cable stretch out was 10.07mm, which stretch occurred at eye-splice part of the cable hook as the wire fits to the bottom of pulley. There is no slippage at all between pulley and wire for five minutes after test load reached 2 tons. Moreover, it demonstrated no slippage for added 10 minutes. Ever-ability winch pulleyproved a perfect brake capability.