Pintle Chain

Pintle Chain consists of a barrel and link as a single casting. Each casting is then connected with a steel pin to the next forming a chain. The castings and linkage provide increased strength, compared to other chains, allowing a wider range of applications.


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Pintle Chain

Pintle chains are amongst one of the earliest forms of chains to have been used, their simple yet productive design has made them a preferred chain for numerous applications for almost 100-years running. There are several different classes of pintle chain ranging from 400-Class to 900-Class, each class has specific features intended for specific industries and applications. All of our classes of steel and cast pintle chains are made to American Standards and utilize the latest manufacturing techniques and features to bring you the best quality pintle chain on the market.

About Us

XinLan is one of the nations leading suppliers of industrial and agricultural pintle chains and pintle chain sprockets. Our pintle chains are dependable, high-strength, and are available at unbeatable prices. We supply these chains to the general public, re-sellers, manufacturing facilities, and many municipalities across the nation. We are a dedicated medium-sized family-owned and operated business that works tirelessly to support our customers, even after the sale is made. For additional information or to get a quote contact our customer support team and we will be happy to assist you!

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Non-standard customization

Standardized 6S management production workshop, advanced heat treatment process, to manufacture high-quality products. Efficient direct supply and reasonable price.

Years of experience

We are one of the professional chain production factories, with 21 years of chain manufacturing experience, our annual production capacity is over 20,000 tons.

best market location

Our products are sold to the United States, Mexico, Iran, Russia, Germany, France, Europe and other countries. Annual sales are as high as $9.8 million.

Strong R&D strength

With more than 20 senior R&D experts, we can undertake the design and manufacture of all special media chain requirements proposed by customers.
What Drives Us

Our Mission

XinLan adheres to the enterprise spirit of seeking truth, good creation, and hard work and the business philosophy of integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and seeking better. Based on internationalization and flattening, it takes specialization, systematization, and high-end as new directions and requirements. High-quality development, forge ahead, and strive to become a world-class manufacturer in the chain drive industry.

400 class pintle chains

Our pintle chain features an open-back design which allows product to be pushed out of the chain joint to prevent stiff joints. Minimum backing distance improves wear life. A compression form design is available for increased working loads and wear life.

pintle chains features

400 class pintle chains are of one-piece cast offset link construction joined together by steel pins. The pins are securely locked against turning in the sidebars by generous head stops that are cast on the links.
The head stops are positioned to provide maximum locking effect when the chain is under load. This confines the wear to the part of the pin inside the barrel of the link, where it is distributed over the maximum area. This insures the best durability of the chain.

Featured Chains

400-Class Pintle Chain

400 Class pintle chains are manufactured with high-quality cast offset-style links and hardened steel pins.

600-Class Pintle Chain

Our 600-class pintle chains offer superior performance, strength, and durability versus other 600 class steel pintle chains.

800-Class Pintle Chain

It has specially designed pins and openings to prevent breakage, and in the event of a breakage, the chain will remain intact.

Agricultural machinery chains

Mainly used in agricultural machinery such as rice, wheat, corn, cotton, etc., to provide driving and conveying functions.

Conveyor chains

It is widely used in material transportation in food, logistics transportation, packaging machinery, and other industries.

Drive chains

Drive chains are mainly used to transmit power and are widely used in construction machinery, escalator drives and other industries.

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How to prevent chain slack?

First of all, in order to prevent the wear and tear of the chain, we should improve the tension of the chain. In order to reduce its wear and tightness, we can choose a chain with better quality, which can improve the machining accuracy of the gear and the hardness of the working surface. When installing the chain, it should be installed parallel to the chain shaft and calibrated correctly, which can effectively Reduce the wear of the chain, otherwise it will reduce the deviation of the chain and the chain shaft, which will aggravate the wear of the chain.

How to maintain the chain?

Always maintain good lubrication, which is an important item in maintenance work. No matter what kind of lubrication method is used, the most important thing is to make the lubricating grease evenly distributed to the gap of the chain hinge in time. The roller chain should be cleaned and decontaminated regularly, and the lubrication effect should be checked frequently. If necessary, the pin shaft and sleeve should be disassembled and checked. If the friction surface is brown or dark brown, it is generally due to insufficient oil supply and poor lubrication.