400-Class Pintle Chain



400 Class pintle chains are manufactured with high-quality cast offset-style links and hardened steel pins. These chains are available from stock with standard cotters or can be supplied with stainless steel cotters for extremely abrasive applications. Typically these chains are found in agricultural applications, water treatment facilities, conveying and drive applications, forestry, grain handling, and many more! We also offer a full line of sprockets, attachments, and other accessories for 400-class pintle chains.

Both 400-class and 700-class pintle chains are utilized in wastewater collector and drive systems. Our 400-class pintle chains are made from a high-strength cast alloy and come standard with stainless steel cotters. The 700-class pintle chains are available in steel, cast, and acetal (non-metallic) materials.

Wastewater Applications: