Die-Cast Aluminium boxes are really versatile, they will be resistant to rust and will be obtained with a higher level of ingress safety than cast aluminium china plastics can provide; therefore, they are appropriate for demanding environments such as marine, normal water treatment or leisure. The key good thing about aluminium enclosures is their EMI/RFI security, which is vital for areas with a high level of noises pollution. Our die-cast aluminium enclosures can be found in a variety of sizes with safeguard from IP54 to IP68, plus an EMI/RFI protected series. Check out all our ranges below.
Other benefits:
– Corrosion and rust resistant
– Lighter compared to other metals such as for example stainless steel
– Suitable for demanding environments
– Could be coated for added resistance
Banking on our knowledgeable and diligent employees we offer an exceptional range of Die Cast Aluminium Junction Container, which are made up of electrical wiring junction box, waterproof electrical junction box, weatherproof electrical junction field, flameproof electrical junction field. These boxes are extremely reliable and are produced using quality raw material. We are able to also custom style them according to the detail supplied by our clients.
Aluminium is becoming increasingly the material of preference across various areas previously dominated by steel.
In addition the existing trend can be seeing a move from aluminium rolled plate towards aluminium cast plates.

Semiconductors and photovoltaic systems
cast aluminium plates and blocks happen to be put through less processes (i.electronic. heat treatment) which means they benefit from excellent stability in particular during high stock removal machining.
The web result is reduced waste, faster processing times and ultimately reduced costs.
This selection of aluminium alloy enclosures from EPT offers a higher standard enclosure ideal for protecting internal electrical parts from dust and water. These aluminium enclosures will be ideal for mounting to our range of EPT rails, rendering an extremely versatile enclosure that can be used in a wide variety of environments. The enclosures include a neoprene gasket that not only offers a watertight seal but as well provides an IP ranking of IP65. These DIN rail mountable boxes are constructed with tough aluminium alloy and feature a smooth finish.
• Neoprene gasket providing a watertight seal with IP65 protection
• Aluminium alloy development with smooth finish
• Available in a range of sizes to accommodate various applications
• Ideal for protecting internal elements from dust and water
• Robust, lightweight and simple to customise
• High resistance to corrosion and shock resistance
• Versatile enclosure that can be utilized in a variety of environments
• Temperature selection; -20°C to +100°C
Our lightweight aluminum enclosure are created to meet the highest requirements of safeguard demanded by electrical and electronic devices designers, serving both professional and commercial market segments. They are the ideal choice for housing electric and electronic devices of high value with better anti-corrosion effectiveness ,protect instruments even beneath the adverse environment.
Designed for water-proof and dust-evidence, IP 67
Requested the circumstances:subzero 40centigrade to 120centigrade
Corrosion resistant
Standard item zero holes, we can produce holes if the client provide drawing for hole
Presented by EPT, a range of shielded Die Cast aluminium enclosure boxes are a top quality aluminium alloy supplied with a natural finish and no external coating. The enclosures will tolerate temps up to 250°C without undesireable effects to the enclosures framework, making them suitable in harsher environments. Numerous sizes and wall thickness can be found. No adhesive seal is roofed. All models are very reliable and excellent top quality.
· Durable, diecast aluminium alloy digital instrument enclosure
· Separate – personal adhesive silicon gasket is roofed – provides protection against dust and water
· Silicone rubber gasket continues to be flexible from -62 to +232 °C
· Unpainted edition is vibra done for a even surface with no sharp edges
· Painted variant is painted with tough – satin dark-colored polyester powder paint for a lasting finish
Our Cool Cast Aluminium Coil are from continuous cast coil from strip caster. The cast coils are wintry rolled down to necessary thickness. Aluminium Coils happen to be ideally applied for transportation, insulation as well in commercial and residential construction for wall structure cladding and roofing needs.
Aluminium enclosures are ideal for use as an over-all purpose enclosure, due to their light and portable yet durable style. aluminium enclosures are as well great for RF projects or projects which are at the mercy of weather. Because of the construction of the enclosures, they can also be employed for assignments involving warmth as the situations make an excellent warmth sink. Die cast aluminium enclosures are being used in a wide selection of applications such as for example: