fluid coupling

Maritime propulsion
Boat thrusters
Followers & Blowers
Centrifugal pumps
Recycling equipment
Belt conveyors
Wood chippers

Unloaded engine warm up
Sleek stattps://www.hzpt.com/fluid-couplings.files/b4.jpg]#rt off up, no belt slip
Torsional vibration dampening
Shock and overload security
High radial load ability
Distant management by electric valve
Load positioning
Effortless to keep
For in-line and pulley applications
Dimensions fifteen – 27
Up to 1340hp

An electrically operated solenoid valve allows the fluid coupling circuit to be fed when it is turned ON. The oil drains by way of calibrated orifices found on the outer diameter of the fluid coupling. When it is turned OFF, it disengages the engine from the load.

The motor flywheel is connected to the KPTO input by a adaptable coupling. The output shaft can be connected to the driven device by an elastic coupling, cardan shaft or pulley.

China fluid coupling
KPTO is a variable fill fluid coupling enclosed into a casing connected to the diesel motor by signifies of a SAE housing. The KPTO has been made to meet customer specifications combining the technological characteristics of a conventional Power Take Off with the efficiency of a fluid coupling.

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