China Professional Overhead Chain Conveyor

China Skilled Overhead Chain CZPT (CZPT-2014)

CZPT advantages:
1. Versatile layout
two. Little flooring room
three. Continuous and adjustable working

Overhead chain conveyor is the unit which could overhead continuously carry the resources, the supplies are fastened in appropriative bins and holder and operate together the pre-selected track. The conveyor line could upslope and downslope and flip a corner. It is widely utilised in the fields of machinery, auto, foodstuff and chemical and so on.

Main parts:
Overhead observe: Shaped a shut loop
Hauling chain: Related with each carriage
Carriage: Operating alongside the closed loop
Hanger: Load the workpieces
Redirection unit: Assist the workpieces alter the path
Actuating system: Supply the power for managing
Tensioning system: Supply the ample tension
Safety unit: Avoid the likely risk induced by the misoperation and the breakdown

CZPT specification:
one Width of the line human body 250-900mm, as per the client.
two Height of the line body 500-1000mm
3 Length of the line human body thirty-40m, conveying speed:two-20m/min
four Kind of chain The speeds of chain and delivery roller are the identical, but the pace of double pitch shipping roller, chain and shipping and delivery roller are various.
5 Sort of tooling plate Steel plate, wooden plate
six Material of frame Carbon steel, aluminum profile
7 CZPTity Set up with conductive casters in the line body and conducting bar in the tooling plate.
8 Electrical power provide One-section 220V,3-stage 380V 50HZ

China Professional Overhead Chain Conveyor