Fan Electric motor, 1/8 hp 120V 2.2 Amp 3-Speed
General Explanation: New fan motor, taken off unused 18” or 24” China Air flow Compressor diameter TPI fans. Designed to operate an 18” or 24” enthusiast blade (blade NOT included).
This motor includes a (detached) cord with grounded plug, motor capacitor and a 3-speed electric fan motor china control switch. All the wiring in the middle of your electric motor, capacitor and quickness control switch is still installed nevertheless the cord itself is generally detached as observed in the photos. (Find “Control Notice” below for modify type.)
T (See “Software Notice” below for make use of in a variety of other applications.)
Measurements: The engine body is 5” diameter and 3 ½” long (not including the shaft). The engine shaft is usually½” (0.500″) diameter x 2 ½” lengthy with a collection screw soft. There are (4) threaded mounting lugs on leading of the motor, ½” long x .16 dia. with washers and nuts. The studs may actually have got 4mm threads and to end up being on a 117mm (4.6”)diameter circle (3 ¼” measured in one stud to the next).
Rate: The approximate electric motor speeds (with a enthusiast blade attached):1660, 1550 and 1370 RPM. Path of rotation (facing the shaft end of the electrical motor) is Clockwise.

Control Take notice: Motors will come with The 3-swiftness rotating control KNOB OR a 3-speed PULL-CHAIN SWITCH (we’ve demonstrated BOTH versions in the images). These two types of switches both control the engine just as (but you have a rotating knob and you have a pull-chain). In the event that you order several motor at the same time, we will do our better to supply your purchase with each one sort of control or the excess.
Application Note: Do NOT use this electric electric motor in a nonfan program. This is a totally enclosed fan electric electric motor and made to have constant ventilation over the motor casing for cooling. The housing isn’t vented and the electrical engine will overheat and get into automatic thermal overload if run in a nonfan plan where there isn’t strong ventilation past the electric motor. (Caution Note: the electric motor will restart immediately when it cools cool off.) Using this electric motor for applications aside from 18 & 24″ TPI fans could also overload the electric motor and lead it to proceed into automated thermal overload. (Your companion blade from another producer may have a steeper blade angle.)
Origin: This electric engine is manufactured in China.