Horizontal Ribbon Industrial Powder Mixer Powder Mixing Machine

Horizontal ribbon industrial Powder Mixer Powder Mixing Equipment

Fly Ash dust humidifer mixer

Humidifying mixer is primarily utilised for spraying, humidifying, stirring and conveying powder dry ash of different ash warehouses to fulfill the needs of environmental safety and transportation. Widely utilised in chemical, mining, energy crops, steel mills and other sound particles that contains the humidification, mixing and transportation.


Functioning theory and features
The solitary-axis humidifier consists of 4 areas: uniform feeding, blade feeding, blended putting humidification, and vibration technique, and is outfitted with a devoted digital management and h2o offer method. The gadget is integrally mounted on the foundation, and the cylinder is supported by four sets of elastic elements.
Excitation system, vibration, so that the total equipment during procedure, the cylinder for higher-frequency vibration, so that between the cylinder wall and the stirring shaft often preserve a certain hole, so that the machine running resistance is significantly reduced, totally eradicated Dull device, blocking the phenomenon,
Minimize downtime for cleaning and boost function effectiveness. The drinking water provide is controlled by the valve group. In get to stabilize the drinking water source and thoroughly clean drinking water good quality of the program, a filter is established in the pipeline, and the primary management cabinet is utilised to interlock and handle the a variety of elements of the humidifier.
To manage the purpose of water provide and humidity.
Solitary-axis humidifier has the traits of big processing volume, compact structure, superior technological innovation, secure and reliable, and easy maintenance.

one. The shaft seal adopts multi-groove labyrinth and packing compound seal, dependable sealing, and mild put on on the shaft.
2, massive output (each hour can be mixed and humidified 200t), evenly humidified, dependable perform.
3. Specially-made atomizing nozzles and h2o source methods with adjustable drinking water volume can make certain uniform humidification of resources.
4. The stirring rod is produced of iron-based mostly use-resistant alloy or composite ceramics, which has a lengthy services daily life.
5. The shell lining is created of iron-based mostly put on-resistant alloy, which has a higher support existence and avoids materials self-circulation brought on by extreme clearance right after dress in.
6, the aircraft structure is flexible, there are two types of chain push and direct relationship, the transmission system making use of cycloid reducer.
seven. Increase the vibration technique so that it overcomes the problem of handling the viscous dust and simply types the adhesiveness of the cylinder wall, enhances the adaptability of the humidifier, and expands the application variety of the humidifier. The shell and the base are elastically linked to make the rapping to the whole machineno influence.

Design Ability  t/h Major Motor Electricity
Feeder Motor Electricity  
Vibration Motor Power  KW Application Temperature ºC Water Force  Mpa Bodyweight  T
DSZ-50 15 seven.five one.one .4 ≤300 ≥0.2 2.7
DSZ-sixty thirty eleven one.5 .75 ≤300 ≥0.2 three.2
DSZ-eighty sixty eighteen.five one.5 two.2 ≤300 ≥0.2 4.seven
DSZ-a hundred one hundred 37 two.two 2.5 ≤300 ≥0.two seven.seven
DSZ-a hundred and twenty one hundred sixty 45 2.2 3.seven ≤300 ≥0.two 8.9


Product SJ-ten SJ-twenty SJ-40 SJ-sixty SJ-eighty SJ-100 SJ-200
T/H ten 20 forty 60 eighty one hundred two hundred
Screw diameter MM Φ400 Φ400 Φ600 Φ600 Φ700 Φ700 Φ800
Rotating fee R.P.M 34 34 34 34 34 34 34
Reducer Model XWD
Motor power (kw) 4. five.5 11 fifteen 18.5 22 thirty


Horizontal Ribbon Industrial Powder Mixer Powder Mixing Machine