Industrial Wood Biomass Fired Steam Boiler for Textile Mill

Item Traits:
DZL collection deal boilers are horizontal 3-go h2o & hearth tube boilers with a chain grate stoker construction. Threaded pyrotechnic tubes are organized in the drum to form a convection heating surface area, although the drum and the h2o partitions on each sides sort a radiation heating area in the furnace. Every single deal method is entirely put in and wired before currently being transported to site and is electrically controlled to supply capabilities such as stepless velocity regulation for the stoker, threshold parameter notify and interlock safety.

CZPT rewards:

one.Vitality saving and environmental protection: makes use of the latest gasoline combustion engineering, sets up superior gasification rotary combustion chamber, the rotational circulation secondary air distribution, can make the gasoline burning a lot more totally.
it employs the higher effectiveness warmth transfer first threaded pipe, with realistic flue gas circulation price, so that the boiler thermal efficiency is more improved. Thermal performance can get to over 85%.
Boiler adopts the nationwide marketing of inexperienced renewable biomass picket pellet fuel, CO2 achieves zero emissions, dust emission focus fish 50mg / m3, flue gas blackness is considerably less than Salinger I the degree, the indicators get to the very first class nationwide locations environmental standards.
2.Reduced running price: due to the fact the boiler itself making use of lignocellulosic biomass gas particles belongs to the region to assistance the marketing of new environmentally pleasant gas ,which is a renewable source. With substantial calorific worth,minimal price,qualities of a extensive assortment of sources. The operation cost is only one fourth of the electrical boiler, burning oil (gasoline) boiler underneath 50 %.
three. Higher degree of automation: digital integrated controller, it can instantly management the combustion problems in accordance to the person sets, the procedure is simple and convenient, automated ignition, automatic feeding, computerized cleaning, and exact same handy as the fuel, gas boiler procedure.
4.Protection: it employs the large common, substantial high quality auxiliary , appendix and automatic management products guarantee the safety of boiler and the continual operation.

CNC production technological innovation
The key processing technologies such as steel plate blanking, circling, drum and tube plate drilling undertake sophisticated CNC machining to lessen the assembly tension and extend the service daily life of the boiler.
Steel tube reducing, thread tube pressing and convection tube processing all adopt sophisticated CNC technology.
Arched tube sheets and threaded fireplace tube was first adopted in China to improve heat transfer and completely remedy the problem of cracking of the back again tube sheet.       
Chain grate plate and again smoke chamber plate is lower by CNC plasma cutting machine, which looks neat and lovely.
Advanced welding approach
The vertical and circumferential seam welding of the boiler adopts innovative automatic submerged arc welding technology to ensure the welding good quality. All vertical and circumferential welds will go by way of a hundred% ray detection.
The welding of smoke tube and the tube plate adopts pre-expansion to remove the gap amongst the tube and tube plate, then be welded by automatic argon arc welding, which properly eliminate pressure and prolong boiler daily life.
The flange of the socket is welded by robots.
The chain grate is created by our factory, and it is examined for seventy two hours just before leaving the factory to guarantee that the tightness is reasonable and will not likely deviate.
Precision parts processing
Advanced manufacturing technology, making use of assembly line automatic spinning producing.
Enhance heat transfer and elevate boiler thermal efficiency.
Threaded smoke tubes are very effective heat transfer elements which is from several many years research of our firm. Soon after continuous optimization, the heat transfer coefficient is one.8 times greater than regular smoke tubes.
Exclusive structural layout
Disturbed flue fuel to guarantee complete combustion of volatiles.
The air volume accounts for about thirty% of the total, and the wind speed is about 50m³.
The independent secondary admirer helps make it straightforward to handle and alter the wind quantity and force.
The high-temperature smoke produced by the combustion very first enters the horoscope flue on the two sides of the boiler proepr from the tail (in this case, the boiler is h2o tube kind), and the flue gasoline flows exterior the tube.
The flue gasoline cooled by the horoscope flue enters the threaded tube (in this circumstance the boiler is hearth tube variety) arranged in the drum from the front smoke chamber.
The flue fuel will be exhausted from the back smoke chamber, this layout basically solves the issue of cracking of the tube sheet of a easy hearth tube boiler.
Plentiful auxiliary configuration
Feeder: Feeding fuel similarly to stay away from flashback.
Gearbox: Creating reasonable rotating speed in accordance to the combustion velocity to make confident the fuel burning entirely.
Protect plates: Cold-rolled pressed plates, powerful and sophisticated.
Inspection door: affordable manhole and hand gap format, simple for maintenance. Inspection doors in furnaces for effortless access and upkeep.

Scope of software:
Horizontal automated biomass fired steam boiler primary objective is to offer higher top quality steam and motive power for industrial production, such as textile, papermaking, rubber, meals, clinic and other industries.

CZPT parameters:

production process:


Set up:


Industrial Wood Biomass Fired Steam Boiler for Textile Mill