Loading and Unloading Car Conveyor

Loading and unloading vehicle conveyor

Loading and unloading auto conveyor procedure circumstance of accord with human physique engineering, which can
comprehend the fast loading and unloading, suitable for all kinds of freight vehicles of cargo handling, the operation is
basic, safe, trustworthy, loading and unloading automobile greatest 50 kg/piece of the items transfer conveyor,
upkeep is handy and swift.

Variety of cargo suitable for loading and unloading vehicles: cartons, woven baggage, deals, luggage, tires, plastic
bins/drums, etc.
The loading and unloading machine is used to minimize the damage and hurt charge of the products and guarantee
the basic safety of the solution.
Load and unload truck conveyor rated load: 50kg/m.


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Loading and Unloading Car Conveyor