Numerical Control Cutting Machine Feeding Machine

         CNC automated feeder front plate shears

CZPT:Processing thickness 6≤mm
HBSJ-1500A HBSJ-2500A HBSJ-3000A HBSJ-4000A
Massive:Processing thickness 12≤mm
HBSJ-6000A HBSJ-2500A HBSJ-3000A HBSJ-4000A
Heavy:Processing thickness 20≤mm
HBSJ-3000H HBSJ-4000A HBSJ-6000DH

two.Dimension of tools

3200mm×1650mm×800mm   4500mm×11350mm×700mm
3900mm×2000mm×1300mm   3300mm×1800mm×900mm

Product HBSJ-twenty five HBSJ-thirty HBSJ-35 HBSJ-forty HBTD-5000
Quantity of handle axis   solitary axis solitary axis one axis solitary axis
procedure precision m/min ±0.1 ±0.1 ± ±0.1
Maximum feed speed mm 30 30 thirty thirty
Greatest reducing thickness mm 6 6 6 six
slicing dimension
mm -3200mm -4000mm -4000mm -5000mm
Ball screw precision grinding precision grinding precision grinding precision grinding precision grinding
linear guideway  import import import import import
Driver motor   Servo motor Servo motor Servo motor Servo motor
clamp   three three 3 four
operate platform   /
CZPT ball/area brush
CZPT ball/surface brush
CZPT ball/surface brush
CZPT ball/surface area brush
energy offer v 380±10% 380±10% 380±10% 380±10%
gross electrical power kw 3 3 3 three

Our organization produces the shearing machine feeder which can match use with mechanical shearing machine or hydraulic shearing device , it can substitute the first backstop of the plate shearing equipment, alter the traditional manual plate feeding shearing to clamp clamping automated feeding, enhance the shearing precision, increase the generation effectiveness, guarantee the safety of the operators, preserve labor.

Places of software

Extensively utilised in the monitor mesh , include cap , can manufacturing line, electrical manage cabinet, photo voltaic h2o heaters, battery plate, creating decorating plate, car bicycle accessories, steel furniture, kitchen gear, electricity gear, communications cabinets, audio equipment, house appliances, elevator, central air conditioner, hutch defends, refrigeration tools, automatic office products, building decoration, metallic household furniture, industrial machinery, development machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental defense machinery, medical tools, lighting and other industries.

Tools Attributes

one.It is utilized together with plate shearing machine and feeder.
It largely employed in plate feeding,and can achieve automated programming, automated positioning, automated feeding, computerized return and other CNC shearing device shearing perform and influence.

2.The control technique adopts advanced PLC numerical manage method, the operation is flexible and convenientIt can understand AutoCAD graphics automatic conversion processing system, with mold library administration, automatic plate repositioning, it can attain one-button operation, breakpoint processing, piece show, simulation show processing track, equipment vacant operation diagnosis and other functions
3.The system has the function of routinely looking the instrument and displaying the chopping time, processing amount, resource life (slicing occasions, feeding instances).
four.The handle cable adopts adaptable shielding special cable with excellent toughness, which can properly prevent interference. It is secured by drag chain and wire sheath, and is oil-proof, drinking water-proof and air pollution-proof.


Numerical Control Cutting Machine Feeding Machine