Ore Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor of Mineral Processing Plant

Ore Corrugated Sidewall Belt CZPT of Mineral Processing Plant

Operating Principle
The machine is short for “sidewall machine” or “substantial inclination angle belt conveyor”, with the rewards of basic construction, reputable operation, and hassle-free upkeep of standard conveyor, and the features of higher inclination angle conveying, compact structure, less land occupation, is the perfect products for high inclination angle conveying (even for vertical conveying).

The optimum inclination angle can be up to 90°, it is the excellent tools of the high inclination angle conveying and vertical lifting, which saves land occupation, gear expenditure and building price, hence get a good thorough economic advantage.
Framework is basic, all principal components are CZPT for basic belt conveyor, which is convenient for operation and routine maintenance.
CZPT procedure, no chain-block, chain-floating, chain-scission phenomena of buried scraper conveyor and skid, bucket-off phenomena of bucket elevator.
Stable operation and low sounds.
As there is no digging resistance of loading, the inside&exterior friction and the power usage is reduced.
Horizontal conveying segment of any length can be established at the start off and conclude portion of vertical sidewall equipment, which is hassle-free for the connection with other products.

Application Scope
Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is 1 of the most commonly utilised mining tools, which is widely employed in mineral processing, building resources, silicate and chemical industries. In the creation of little scale, medium scale or large scale mineral processing Plants, it is normally employed as the tranportation machine tfor metallic ores of gold, silver, copper, guide, zinc, nickel, manganese, iron, molybdenum , chromium, tin and others, as properly as stone, rock, granite, limestone, barite, quartz, graphite, feldspar, fluorspar, coal, and many others.

Conveying capability Qv under different parameters whilst belt velocity is 1m/s
Modest Size

Belt Width
five hundred 650
Sidewall Top
80 120 one hundred sixty 80 120 160
Compartment  Distance
126 252 126 252 378 252 378 126 252 126 252 378 252 378
Elevation Angle 30° 39 21 fifty two 34 65 forty five fifty nine 32 seventy eight 52 one hundred and five seventy three
40° 31 16 40 26 52 34 forty seven 24 60 forty 85 56
50° twenty five 13 60 32 forty two 27 37 19 90 forty eight 68 forty five
60° twenty eleven fifty 26 34 23 31 16 seventy five 39 fifty five 36
70° 17 forty one 21 28 18 25 62 32 45 thirty
90° ten twenty five 17 15 38 28

Massive Measurement

Belt Width
800 1000
Sidewall Peak
a hundred and twenty 160 two hundred one hundred sixty two hundred 240
Compartment  Distance
126 252 378 252 378 252 378 504 252 378 252 378 504 252 378 504
Elevation Angle 30° ninety nine 65 136 94 148 113 186 129 207 159 283 229
40° seventy six 50 110 72 114 87 150 ninety nine one hundred sixty 122 231 176
50° 113 sixty 88 58 139 91 one hundred twenty 79 195 128 185 141
60° ninety five 49 72 forty seven 113 74 98 64 159 a hundred and five 229 151
70° 77 40 fifty eight 38 ninety two sixty one eighty 52 a hundred thirty eighty five 187 123
90° forty seven 36 fifty seven 37 49 80 52 a hundred and fifteen seventy six

Allowable Max. Particle Dimensions and Max. Velocity with Diverse Belt Widths, Guard Side
Modest Size

Belt Width
five hundred 650
Sidewall Height
eighty a hundred and twenty a hundred and sixty eighty one hundred twenty a hundred and sixty

Elevation Angle


30° Max. Belt Velocity (m/s) 2 2 two 1.6 2 2
Max. Particle Measurement (mm) 100 one hundred twenty a hundred and twenty a hundred 140 160
40° Max. Belt Speed (m/s) 2 2 two one.6 2 2
Max. Particle Dimensions (mm) one hundred 120 a hundred and twenty one hundred a hundred and forty one hundred sixty
50° Max. Belt Velocity (m/s) 1.six one.six one.6 1.six 1.six one.six
Max. Particle Size (mm) 80 a hundred and twenty 140 80 120 one hundred forty
60° Max. Belt Pace (m/s) 1.six one.six 1.6 1.6 1.6 one.6
Max. Particle Dimensions (mm) eighty a hundred and twenty a hundred and forty 80 120 one hundred forty
70° Max. Belt Velocity (m/s) 1.25 one.25 1.twenty five one.twenty five 1.twenty five 1.25
Max. Particle Dimensions (mm) fifty 60 a hundred fifty 60 one hundred
90° Max. Belt Velocity (m/s) 1. one. 1. 1.25 1.25 one.twenty five
Max. Particle Size (mm) fifty sixty eighty 50 sixty eighty

Massive Size

Belt Width
800 1000
Sidewall Top
one hundred twenty 160 two hundred one hundred sixty two hundred 240

Elevation Angle


30° Max. Belt Speed (m/s) two 2.5 two.five 2.5 2.five two.5
Max. Particle Measurement (mm) 140 180 two hundred a hundred and eighty 250 280
40° Max. Belt Speed (m/s) two two two 2 2 2.five
Max. Particle Size (mm) 140 180 200 one hundred eighty 250 250
50° Max. Belt Velocity (m/s) one.six 1.six 1.6 one.six one.6 two
Max. Particle Size (mm) 120 140 a hundred and eighty 140 a hundred and eighty 220
60° Max. Belt Velocity (m/s) one.6 one.6 1.six one.6 one.6 1.six
Max. Particle Size (mm) one hundred twenty 140 a hundred and eighty a hundred and forty a hundred and eighty 220
70° Max. Belt Pace (m/s) one.6 1.six one.six 1.six one.six 1.6
Max. Particle Dimensions (mm) 120 100 a hundred and forty 100 a hundred and forty one hundred eighty
90° Max. Belt Velocity (m/s) 1.25 one.25 1.25 one.25 one.twenty five 1.twenty five
Max. Particle Dimension (mm) 60 eighty 100 80 a hundred a hundred and forty


one. What is the main business scope of your organization?
HZE is a organization with R&D center, layout institute, manufacturing factories, set up and commissioning teams. Our clients are in the mining and mineral processing fields. Our major organizations include mineral processing EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), undertaking consultation, engineering design, mineral processing equipment manufacturing, on-web site set up, commissioning, employees training, client undertaking operation management, spare elements provide and technological support. CZPTers are totally free to decide on any a single or any combination of our solutions.

2. What are the outstanding positive aspects of your firm?
The a single-stop provider of mineral processing engineering project and products is our main competitiveness.
The most critical feature that HZE distinguishes itself from other engineering firms, layout companies or consulting companies is that we are also an gear manufacturer with a production plant of 50,000 square meters, and we have full manufacturing rout and the associated equipment.
HZE distinguishes by itself from other equipment companies by possessing its very own R&D center and engineering design and style institute.
HZE distinguishes itself from many mining equipment enterprises by possessing an professional team with users such as not only senior engineers of the company, but also leading Chinese specialized professionals, university professors and scientists.

three. What are the qualities of your company’s 3D style?
HZE not only utilizes 3D application to design and style equipment, but also makes use of 3D application to layout approach flow, pipeline, metal framework, auxiliary facilities, and many others. of the total mineral processing task. We even use 3D design and style for gear packaging, container packing and products guidelines manual. This tremendously improves the quality of gear and engineering, shortens the construction interval, facilitates specialized discussion and analysis, facilitates venture management, enhances building basic safety and minimizes project expense.

four.  What are the provider functions of your company?

  1. CZPTers who whether purchase our equipment, or entrust us with EPC, or demand us to give a specified service, cooperate closely with us to carry out specific operations and supervise our implementation all through the approach.
  2. HZE will try to understand the basic circumstance and wants of buyers as in depth as possible before the sale, formulate a preliminary prepare in accordance to the distinct situation of buyers, and get unanimous thoughts after communications and discussions with customers to figure out the prepare.
  3. We set up buyer documents for every customer who signed the contract with us and upload them to the Cloud the place customers can also get an account and password. CZPTers can have all the documents, movies and images, engineering, providers, execution, operation, management and control, servicing and so on associated to the organization.
  4. No matter whether it is in the procedure of basic contracting, tools manufacturing or offering some variety of provider, we welcome buyers to know about our implementation on the location or through the community, and set CZPT needs and thoughts.
  5. We support consumers who have utilized our merchandise to formulate procedure specifications and make tips on maintenance ideas and spare components inventories. In addition to regimen on-web site set up, commissioning and instruction, in the course of the manufacturing interval after we handing over products to consumers for use, we frequently recognize the equipment employing conditions by way of the community and give guidance and training to client management and operators.
  6. For the customers who have just start off the mining enterprise, we give the opportunity of education and exercise in China’s mines for the clients’ employees, until they are experienced in procedure and routine maintenance.

Ore Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor of Mineral Processing Plant