Plastic PSU Machining Part Bu CNC Lathe

CZPT PSU machining part bu CNC lathe

PSU&lparPolysulfone&rpar is one variety of thermoplastic engineering plastic with a molecule construction of fone and aryl in the chain&comma which involves three types of material&colon PSF&solPSU&comma PASF&comma PES&comma specially PSF&solPSU has the greatest output and the widest software&period of time PSU is the polymer of amorphous transparent and mild amber shade&period

Primary attributes&colon

1&interval Large head steadiness&period of time Ongoing operating temperature is 160º C&comma it can reach 190º C for a limited time&comma hydrolyze resistance&comma good dimensional stability&comma lower shrink in processing&period

2&time period Superb mechanics performance&colon Higher rigidity&comma wear resistance&comma can retain superb mechanics functionality even in substantial temperature&interval

3&period of time Outstanding electronic efficiency in a wide range of temperature and frequency&period

4&time period Very good chemical resistance&comma other than aquafortis&comma oil of vitriol and halocarbon&comma PSU can be resistant to standard acid&comma alkali&comma salt&period of time

5&period of time No poison&comma radiation resistance&comma fireplace resistance&comma self-extinguishing&interval

one&period PSU is mainly utilised in digital and electrical&comma foods and commodity&comma car&comma aviation health care and other standard industries&comma parts for contactors&comma plug&comma insulated elements of transformer&comma silicone cap for managing&comma insulated bush&comma loop framework&comma printed circuit board&comma binding publish&comma bearing&comma protect&comma elements of Television technique&comma film of capacitor&comma bracket of electronic brush&comma case of alkalescence storage cell&comma cove of wire&period of time

two&period of time Also PSU can act as defend components&comma electric powered gear&comma include of storage cell&comma parts of plane&comma protect of spaceship&comma areas of lamp&comma sensor&period of time In meals sector&comma PSU can be made into steam plate&comma espresso vessel&comma microwave vane&comma areas of milk device&comma distributing device of consume and foodstuff&interval

3&interval In sanitation and medical devices PSU elements for surgical plate&comma sprayer&comma tooth machine&comma flux controller&comma instruments in lab&comma PSU elements also can employed in inlay&comma chemical equipments &lparpump shell&comma safeguarding layer of tower&comma nozzle of acid resistance&comma pipe&comma valve&rpar&comma meals processing machine&comma milk products processing machine&comma device of environmental safety&time period

House Item No. Device Worth
Mechanical Houses one Density g/cm3 one.24
two   Water absorption(23ºCin air) % .40
three Tensile energy MPa 80
4 Tensile pressure at crack % ten
5 Compressive tension(at 2% nominal pressure) MPa 39
6 Charpy effect strength (unnotched) KJ/m two No split
7 Charpy impact strength  (notched) KJ/m 2 4
8 Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 2700
9 Ball indentation hardness N/mm two 155
  10 Rockwell hardness M91

Plastic PSU Machining Part Bu CNC Lathe