When the application takes a direct and solid shaft connection and that shaft misalignments during procedure are minimal, then your ABR solid or rigid type couplings may be used. To match coupling China shafts from 6mm up to 50mm in size as standard.
A solid compression-type coupling or rigid coupling as it is occasionally termed has no versatility but can effectively be used for connecting two shafts to make a long lasting joint. The solid coupling is usually designed to manage to transmitting the full torque load capability of the shaft.
Ever-power stocks a wide selection of solid (muff) design shaft coupling for fast easy shaft connection. Ideal for 6mm to 50mm size shafts, the anodised steel construction is made for arduous use. Simply release the clamp style design by removing the four bolts, fit the coupling and reapply the bolts to a set torque to achieve reliable shaft connection. Holding tight tolerances to the concentricity on the bore, makes the Ever-power rigid coupling an ideal emergency repair or prototype connection.
By precisely aligning both shafts and holding them firmly in place, rigid couplings help maximize performance and raise the expected life of the machine. These rigid couplings are available in two basic styles to fit the wants of different applications. Sleeve-style couplings will be the least expensive and easiest to make use of, whilst clamped or compression rigid couplings can be found in two parts and suit jointly around the shafts to form a sleeve. Both types can be found from Ever-power suiting shaft sizes from 6mm up to 50mm in size.
One particular and Two piece ABR rigid couplings – Two distinct styles are available. The main one and two piece series couplers have got superior holding power and maintain alignment. The one piece versions are supplied with four clamping screws. The two piece split edition couplers could be installed and removed without machine dis-assembly. Given eight clamping screws, they offer dependable holding power and maintain alignment.
Precision Rigid couplings can be found as regular in aluminium alloy and stainless. For smaller sized shaft sizes the new SC series clamping method that ensures the concentricity of the clamped shaft. Suitable for shaft sizes from 3mm to 15mm diameter, including imperial and custom formats, make the new SC series perfect for applications where high torque and remarkable torsional stiffness are required.
Exceptional torsional stiffness
High torque capacity
Metric and Imperial bore formats
Integral clamp shaft attachment
In the event that you require further complex information, please usually do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers who will be more than happy to help you with your selection.

Ever-power’s Rigid couplings are ribbed-type compression couplings that are recommended for emergency and regular service in heavily loaded shafts. These couplings are bored true to shaft size, and the halves are separated during the boring operation to permit for clamping when the halves are drawn jointly.
Product Features
Bolt heads and nuts protected by flanges
Bored true to shaft size
Recommended for crisis and regular service upon heavily loaded shafts
Outer diameters turned
End flanges faced square to bore