Wdh110, Wdh102, Wdh 104, Wdh113, Wdh120 Weld Steel Type Cranked Link Mill Chains and Welded Steel Drag Chains

1, Chain types: Roller Chain, conveyor chain, transmission chain, silent chains, oil pump chains, weld steel drag chains, plastic chains etc

two, Main resources: It is 40Mn. 40Cr, 45Mn alloy metal, SUS304, and POM CZPT for plates, 10#, twenty#, 20CrMnMo, 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers

three, Warmth treatment: Carburizing, Austemper Stressing, nitro-caburizing harden and many others

four, Surface: Shot peening, black, blue or first

five, Package way: CZPT bag+ carton box+ plywood circumstance

We are a leading manufacturer of mechanical transmission spare areas, as well as many years one particular of dependable and reputable vendors for CZPTpean, The us, Iran market place and so on. Our major things are roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chain, pulleys, V-belts, sprockets, transmission gears, equipment shafts, roller bearings, rollers, conveyor belts etc.


At current, For South American, CZPTpean, and Asian industry, our excellent items are fabricated in accordance to your necessity and our top quality satisfies ISO, ASME, DIN common.


I hope we can do company jointly, and appear CZPT to listening to from you shortly


Chain No. Pitch Bush diameter Width between inner plates at two small ends Pin diameter Outside width between plates at two small ends(or Barrel length) Pin length Depth of chain plates Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Weight per meter
mm mm REXCZPT mm Min (mm) Max(mm) mm mm lbs Kg/m
WD102 5inch(127mm) 38.10mm 6.5inch .75inch(19.05mm) seven.75inch(197.1mm) 9.13inch(244.6mm) one.5inch(38.1mm) .38inch(nine.65mm) 38300 sixteen.37
WDH102 55000
WD104 6inch(152.4mm) 38.10mm four.13inch .75inch(19.05mm) 5.38inch(136.9mm) 6.75inch(181.4mm) one.5inch(38.1mm) .38inch(nine.65mm) 38300 thirteen.39
WDH104 55000
WD110 6inch(152.4mm) 38.10mm 9.0inch .75inch(19.05mm) 10.38inch(263.9mm) eleven.8inch(308.6mm) one.5inch(38.1mm) .38inch(nine.65mm) 38300 seventeen.86
WDH110 55000
WD113 6inch(152.4mm) 38.10mm 9.0inch .88inch(22.22mm) ten.63inch(270.2mm) 12.5inch(322.3mm) 1.5inch(38.1mm) .5inch(12.7mm) 48000 26.79
WDH113 57000
WD120 6inch(152.4mm) 38.10mm eight.75inch .88inch(22.22mm) 10.25inch (260.35mm) twelve.1inch(307.34mm) 2inch(50.8mm) .5inch(twelve.7mm) 70000 29.seventy six
WDH120 79000
WD112 8inch(203.2mm) 38.10mm nine.0inch .75inch(19.05mm) ten.38inch(263.9mm) eleven.8inch(308.6mm) one.5inch(38.1mm) .38inch(9.65mm) 38300 14.88
WDH112 55000
WD116 8inch(203.2mm) 38.10mm 13inch .75inch(19.05mm) fourteen.13inch(359.1mm) 15.5inch(405.9mm) 2inch(50.8mm) .5inch(12.7mm) 55000 19.35
WDH116 59000
WD118 8inch(203.2mm) 50.80mm thirteen.3inch .88inch(22.22mm) 14.88inch (378.2mm) sixteen.8inch(431.1mm) 2inch(50.8mm) .5inch(12.7mm) 70000 31.twenty five
WDH118 79000
WD480 8inch(203.2mm) fifty.80mm 11.2inch .88inch(22.22mm) 12.75inch(324.1mm) 14.6inch(377.9mm) 2inch(fifty.8mm) .5inch(12.7mm) 70000 26.79
WDH480 79000

one, Hollow Pin Chain, Roller Chain, Solid Chain, Silent Chain and Drag Chain


Simple Information
Scope of organization Manufacture, layout and export the steel chains, iron chains, gear hobbing equipment and sprockets and so forth constructed in 1995
Chains factory 1 Assembly workshop of chains
two Production workshop of chains
three Warmth-remedy workshop
4 Check workshop
5 Concluded chains workshop
six Warehouse
Whole staff 220 workers
Amount of designers six-eight personnel
Number of Approach engineers 5 workers
Amount of QC engineers six employees
Export ratio More than 80%
Certificates ISO 9001: 2000

Wdh110, Wdh102, Wdh 104, Wdh113, Wdh120 Weld Steel Type Cranked Link Mill Chains and Welded Steel Drag Chains